Fuck The Polis banner image
awesome suff happens in this picture. Too bad you apparently cant see it

I finally got a couple little bugs ironed out so that I can now work a bit more efficiently. I will experiment with a certain toon shader later to see how it works with image textures and if that does look nice I might switch the current graphic style to a full toon-based one. I do like the way it currently looks but maybe the experiment makes it look even nicer, we will see.

I hope you enjoy the journey so far, it took a bunch of learning and experimentation to get to this point but I like the direction in which the comic is headed. Who knows, this might actually be something that works?! I am slowly getting the story from my head onto a paper to refine the grand idea into a more detailed outline that I can follow along, I think it has potential to be interesting.

Still working on the site, I have now managed to come up with a way to auto-schedule site rebuilds to publish posts at a certain date in the future using cron triggers. This is very convenient for me as I can work ahead of schedule and actually create something resembling a backlog that gets auto-published without me having to do anything other than specify at which point in time I want a post to come online. The site also has an RSS feed that I should be able to use to auto-post to social media using ifttt or comparable services, that’s something for another day.

As always here’s a list of models I used, a big thanks to anyone on this list for being awesome and sharing your models!

Police car by Mac2001

City is the awesome Urban Future 4 model pack by Stonemason converted to Blender

Yamaki Rapture Bike is by Ravnhart

Main character based on LeonyHD with Gem hair to bring the punk to cyberpunk