Fuck The Polis banner image
awesome suff happens in this picture. Too bad you apparently cant see it

For some reason rendering the hair ‘normally’ (i.e. without Freestyle) poses absolutely no problem (1:27 minutes render time on my 2070) but the moment I try to render it with Freestlye the picture won’t render at all.

So as a quick fix I rendered the image twice, overlayed the regular one on top of the Freestyle version and lasso-selected the hair, reverted the selection and deleted everything else. Talk about hacky.

Edit: I managed to fix this problem now by making the hair solid colour instead of alpha-transparent (doesn’t matter for comic hair anyway) and after that failed to work I went ahead and deleted half the hair. I suspect the line-renderer has problems calculating which of the one-million-and-twenty-seven hair strands needs to be rendered and which not. Anyway, it’s done now!

As always here’s a list of models I used, a big thanks to anyone on this list for being awesome and sharing your models!

Police car by Mac2001

City is the awesome Urban Future 4 model pack by Stonemason converted to Blender

Yamaki Rapture Bike is by Ravnhart

Main character based on LeonyHD with Gem hair to bring the punk to cyberpunk