Fuck The Polis banner image
awesome suff happens in this picture. Too bad you apparently cant see it

All I need in this life of sin is to figure out a good story line. I have a veeery general idea of characters, plot and story but I have now come to the point where it becomes evident how thinking of the story before starting to render everything would have been the way to go.

Still, I really dig how these pictures turn out, Blender’s Freestyle rendering mode is a beast.

As always here’s a list of models I used, a big thanks to anyone on this list for being awesome and sharing your models!

Police car by Mac2001

City is the awesome Urban Future 4 model pack by Stonemason converted to Blender

Yamaki Rapture Bike is by Ravnhart

Main character based on LeonyHD with Gem hair to bring the punk to cyberpunk