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awesome suff happens in this picture. Too bad you apparently cant see it

I spent far too long building this character in DAZ, importing it into Blender and fixing minor bugs but finally I got it all working like I want so MEET KITTY!

Doing her best to unchain herself from gender clichés and restraints Kitty has made about every possible bad decision along the way, from covering half her body in ink over joining up with a notorious youth gang that only got worse as the members progressed into adulthood. To her great dismay neither Claw nor Mad Dog stuck as nicknames and everyone has settled on Kitty with clear intent to spite her.

Against better odds and despite their vastly different paths through life Slice and Kitty have maintained a - sometimes rocky - friendship and helped each other out from time to time.

As always here’s a list of models I used, a big thanks to anyone on this list for being awesome and sharing your models!

Police car by Mac2001

City is the awesome Urban Future 4 model pack by Stonemason converted to Blender

Yamaki Rapture Bike is by Ravnhart

Main character based on LeonyHD with Gem hair to bring the punk to cyberpunk