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Cast of Characters

Celine 'Slice' Aston character image

Celine 'Slice' Aston

Born into a life of poverty Celine managed to elevate herself beyond everyone's expectations by reporting about everything going on in the city, the more obscure the better. She earned her nickname after calling her reports a 'slice of life' one time to many and it stuck.

Jason 'Papa' Razzi character image

Jason 'Papa' Razzi

Aptly named Jason is the Herald's head editor, always on the lookout for good stories about life in the city. He likes X first because she usually delivers and secondly for her preference for tight clothes. Jason provides a voice of reason she usually ignores and a save haven when she needs to weather the resulting storm.

Kira 'Kitty' Steflon character image

Kira 'Kitty' Steflon

Doing her best to unchain herself from gender clich├ęs and restraints Kitty has made about every possible bad decision along the way, from covering half her body in ink over joining up with a notorious youth gang that only got worse as the members progressed into adulthood. To her great dismay neither *Claw* nor *Mad Dog* stuck as nicknames and everyone has settled on *Kitty* with clear intent to spite her. Against better odds and despite their vastly different paths through life Slice and Kitty have maintained a - sometimes rocky - friendship and helped each other out from time to time.