Fuck The Polis banner image

As stated earlier one of my main motivations to start this comic was teaching myself new technologies. For ages, aeons, eternities now I’ve been meaning to teach myself how to use FL Studio and music making in general because quite frankly I was as useless as hopeless in that regard. I just couldn’t for the live of me understand the simplest concepts about music, structure, everything. While I obviously still can’t call myself a professional by any means I am actually quite proud of the progress I’ve made in the process of creating this short song and I hope you enjoy it as well!

It’s made mostly from loops and vocals that I grabbed from www.splice.com and most work I did on my own was arranging deranging the individual samples and of course the work that went into making the cover/background/thumbnail image.

As always here’s a list of models I used, a big thanks to anyone on this list for being awesome and sharing your models!

Police car by Mac2001

City is the awesome Urban Future 4 model pack by Stonemason converted to Blender

Yamaki Rapture Bike is by Ravnhart

Main character based on LeonyHD with Gem hair to bring the punk to cyberpunk